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kevin_p_deg A new Milestone for
4 hours ago
3636 Games Played
Gilwood A new Milestone for
5 hours ago
Clawed Tads 16215 Times
Gilwood A new Milestone for
6 hours ago
Active Member for 37 Months
lwaltz A new Milestone for
9 hours ago
Dog Days of Summer
busybee A new Milestone for
11 hours ago
323 Poker Games
62 Online playing
Custom Avatar Designer
Drag the arrow beside the item, up or down to move the item on your Avatar.

Design your Avatar with the items you own. You decide how your Custom Avatar will look.

Select items you want to wear from the boxes left. Click "Save this Look". This will be Your Look everywhere your Avatar appears on the PFT website.

Try it for yourself to find your perfect look. You can change your Custom Avatar anytime you like.

You can Stack your Avatar items for that unique look. For example: If you want your glasses over your hair, if you want your scar on your eye, simply click on the arrows, up or down, beside your Avatar item.

NOTE: You must own glasses, scars, tattoos, etc. in order to see the effect of Stacking.

Visit the PFT Grapevine for more info on Stacking your Avatar Items


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