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Terrace Solitaire Terrace Solitaire Filed Under: Card Games - Misc Card Games
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Terrace Solitaire
274 plays
Date added: 2015-08-25
Description: Will the foundation card be a blessing or a curse?
Instructions: At the start of Terrace Solitaire, 11 upturned cards will be dealt to the reserve at the top right corner as the terrace. 8 empty foundations are located below the terrace, and 9 tableau piles are at the bottom. Each of the four tableau piles on the left side will then be dealt 1 upturned card. The remaining cards are downturned and placed to the stock pile at the top left corner, while the discard pile on the right of the stock pile will be left empty. You need to choose 1 card among the four upturned cards on the tableau piles and drag it to the leftmost foundation. Then the discard pile and each of the empty tableau piles will be dealt 1 upturned card. Your goal is to move all cards to the foundations built up by alternating colors starting with the foundation card you picked, wrapping from K to A if necessary. Cards on the tableau piles should be built down by alternating colors, wrapping from A to K if necessary. An empty tableau pile can only be occupied by a card from the discard pile, while the cards on the reserve can only be moved to the foundations. Each time you may move only the topmost card on a tableau pile or the reserve. You may also click the stock pile to deal a new card. When the stock pile is used up, you may click to flip and redeal, but this time any card dealt to the discard pile must be used immediately. Each card successfully moved to the foundations gives 300 points. If no more valid moves can be made, the game ends. Try your best to clear the terrace!

This game is tested but not played. If you find inappropriate content,

  • avatar
    Divina (25309854) - 2016-06-28, 08:54
    When a game is so complicated I don't even bother!

  • avatar
    TravelinMan (12543243) Omega Gamer - 2016-06-27, 21:42
    hard game both to play and to understand!

  • avatar
    busybee (5184) Beta Gamer - 2015-12-04, 22:01
    Wow. You have to plan very carefully. You can only move the cards on the upper right to the foundation and can only move one card at a time on the tableau.

  • avatar
    deb (40775525) - 2015-10-10, 10:29
    Choose your foundation card carefully.

  • avatar
    deb (40775525) - 2015-10-10, 10:20
    Hard to win this one, but very satisfying when you do. lol

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