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Frontline Defense Frontline Defense Filed Under: Adventure - Tower Defense
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Frontline Defense
210 plays
Date added: 2016-03-06
Description: The Ultimate Tower Defense Game, and one you can't stop playing.
Instructions: Rifleman Turret: small tower manned by a single soldier with a standard issue rifle. Electro Tower: releases a high voltage charge towards nearby enemies. Bio Chemical Tower: possible chance of poisoning the enemy. Poisoned enemies will run slower. Shotgun Turret: small tower manned by a single soldier equipped with a 12 gauge shotgun. Heat Ray Tower: this experimental defense tower can cook enemies from a great distance. Ice Tower: fires shards of solid hydrogen - possible chance of freezing the enemy! Frozen enemies will move very slow. Machine Gun Turret: Fires burst's of high caliber rounds. Has no special abilities. Radar Tower: Gives a 20 point range boost to all units within range. Flame Thrower: Possible chance of setting enemies on fire! Warning enemies on fire will run faster! Sniper Tower: This towers higher point of view offers greater visibility. Manned by a single soldier armed with a sniper rifle. Power Amplifier: Gives a 5 point damage bonus to all units within range. Rocket Turret: Slow but powerful - fires homing rockets that pack a punch - Great for slower stronger enemies.

Mouse and Keyboard gameplay
Mouse: Select and Place Units.
Hot keys 1 through 0 to quickly select purchasable towers.

This game is tested but not played. If you find inappropriate content,

  • avatar
    TravelinMan (12543243) Omega Gamer - 2017-03-22, 01:54
    i want to change my rating to 5 stars, this is a great game

  • avatar
    TravelinMan (12543243) Omega Gamer - 2017-02-27, 20:30
    for level 20 (last) give it all you've got. it's a long level.

  • avatar
    deb (40775525) - 2016-08-27, 09:34
    A good game, easy to understand instructions.

  • avatar
    TravelinMan (12543243) Omega Gamer - 2016-07-04, 23:31
    great tower defense game

  • avatar
    busybee (5184) Beta Gamer - 2016-03-13, 10:02
    Good tower defense.

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